Established on 6TH JAN 2018, ABBA Capital Advisory is a CAPITAL SERVICES organization founded by Mr. Mathew S since its launch in January 2018, ABBA has successfully and strongly established itself in the Market With the best way of services to its customers all over the country.

Our primary services constitute financing of SME for working capital and growth, loans for commercial property purchase, loans against property, working capital loans self-employed. We reach our market by connecting with Thousands of customers, be it in cities, towns or villages, right at their doorstep.

  • Our organization offers Financial Services for business lending purposes and has catered to needs.
  • A team led by extremely able and experienced leaders, their guidance and support is the spine of our organization backed by a team of diligent professionals.
  • We also have partnerships with some of the best banks for hassle free and quick services to cater to all funding requirements.
  • Borrowers can select desired Banks, we provide a wide range of options to our customers and educating them about the pros and cons about their FINANCIAL STATUS in regards to the loan and advice professionally and technically.

We are a platform that provides working capital finance to SMEs in India at desired repayment terms. Funds are disbursed within 8 days with minimal hassle. With a network of over all major banks across 8 cities, we serve a best leading financial solutions. ‘ABBA‘Has successfully used the services differentiation strategy to separate our services in market from other Competitors ”Don't let money hold back to your dreams”

To become a global leader and strive for excellence in every business domain by creating an impact and improving the quality of life of the communities we serve keeping our core values. 

Access to external finance is needed for new SMEs to start and expand operations, develop new products, invest in new staff or production facilities. Despite the role played by SMEs in employment creation and poverty alleviation, they are currently faced with many serious loan repayment difficulties which act as a barrier to their emergency and growth. We offer customized loan repayment options to help leverage this gap. Given today’s competitive business landscape, companies need to raise all contributors to profitability from levels of sufficiency to efficiency.

Our mission is to pioneer access to capital by providing the best solutions in the finance industry  through  long  term  stakeholder  value  creation  based  on  Leadership  with  Trust, Discretion and Excellence.